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      LNGC 3501 B   Sophomore Tutorial  (CRN:7751) *BEST BET* 1 CR Chamany, Katayoun
      T - 3:50 pm to 5:20 pm
  • This tutorial is based on the Dewey pedagogy of "learning by doing" in which experiential learning opportunities are seen as essential for the development of activists and scholars. Students will build a peer community that will be mentored through the process of identifying research/internship positions that build on their interests and skills. The tutorial will also help students imagine how work outside, and inside the classroom, can be combined to create important pieces of work that can be shared publicly through exhibitions, blog posts, posters at conferences, presentations, and publications in peer-reviewed journals, some of which are specific for undergraduates. This tutorial helps students across the college and at all stages of their development to chart a successful educational and scholarly experience that can promote social reflection and change. Instructor is the recipient of the 2013 Lang Faculty Advisor Excellence Award.
    •   LNGC 3501 C   Sophomore Tutorial  (CRN:7921) *BEST BET* 1 CR Larrimore, Mark
        F - 10:00 am to 11:30 am
    • The unexamined life, the ancients asserted, is not worth living. Traditional societies had dedicated institutions and practices for contemplation, meditation, study and shared exploration. Some of these practices and institutions still endure, and some people still commit their whole lives to them. In our own harried and precarious time, however, when contemplation seems more important than ever, the life of the professional contemplative is harder to swing and perhaps harder to justify. Yet there are ways of integrating contemplative practices and communities into busy contemporary lives. This sophomore tutorial explores some of these ways of maintaining an examined life in a world of distraction, hyperactivity and artifice, attending especially to the ways they enable a life of engagement without burnout. Topics we will explore include the new contemplative education, reading groups, mindfulness practices, sabbath and other retreats.
      •   LNGC 3501 D   Lives of Writers in the Digital Age  (CRN:8074) *BEST BET* 1 CR Browner, Stephanie
          M - 3:50 pm to 5:20 pm
      • Everyone writes, all the time and mostly in digital formats. And most of us care about the quality of our writing. We revise emails, texts, and posts, as we search for the right word, the right tone. This sophomore tutorial will help students identify what kinds of writing experiences and growth they want while at Lang, through the courses they take, additional academic opportunities, and work beyond Lang. We will consider the diverse writing lives and careers possible in the digital age; we will build community and connection, among those in the tutorial and people beyond the tutorial, who can support and mentor growth as a writer; and we will reflect on writing of all kinds, including our own.