Fall 2009

Philosophy of Education - LEDU 3013 A

Professor(s):  Eric Anthamatten 
Day(s):  TR
Time(s):  10:00 am - 11:40 am 
CRN:  6370
Credits:  4

Course Description
This course examines the history of philosophical writings on education. As epitomized by Plato's famous dialogues, the philosopher's primary role is to dynamically engage with the world, requiring listeners, students, other speakers, and a larger community, i.e., to always educate and always be educated. The course follows a historical trajectory--from the Greeks and Romans, through the Scholastics, to Modernity and the Enlightenment, culminating in contemporary philosophies of education. Special emphasis is on the pedagogical philosophies of John Dewey. Students also explore broad epistemological, psychological, and ethical questions regarding the nature of knowledge, the process of learning, the role of experience and community in education, and what it might mean to educate the "whole" person.

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