Spring 2018

The City as Laboratory - LCST 3730 AX

Professor(s):   Stephanie Wakefield 
Day(s):  R
Time(s):  12:10 pm - 2:50 pm 
CRN:  7042
Credits:  4

Course Description
[Track C] Long used as test laboratories for real-time experimentation with new ideas, technologies, modes of rule, and forms of life, cities are where the future comes to audition. This course will explore the histories, cultures, methods, and technologies of urban laboratories. We will look at the ancient polis, colonies and metropole, industrial workers' city, and 'first responder' climate change cities along the coasts. We will explore 'high' and 'low' experimentation, with attention to elite projects as much as the ad-hoc efforts of commonplace human and nonhuman urban dwellers to transform, appropriate, and reinvent the urban itself. [Track C]

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