Fall 2017

Forms of Life in the Anthropocene - LCST 2051 A

Professor(s):   Stephanie Wakefield 
Day(s):  MW / MW
Time(s):  11:55 am - 1:35 pm / 11:55 am - 01:35 pm
CRN:  7525
Credits:  4

Course Description
[Track C] Whether it be scientists gone rogue, resilient communities, civilization starter kits, or apocalypticism, a multitude of forms of life are emerging, each articulating its own ethos and experimental orientation towards tools for living in the Anthropoceneùboth our new geological epoch and critical term for describing the turbulent realities of our time. This course will investigate theories of dwelling in the Anthropocene, tools and practices, and the new myths that are taking hold as diverse urban communities respond to, inhabit, and generate forms of life amidst the ruins. Are we living in a war of the worlds, a great decoupling from the biosphere, or something completely other? How do we live in the Anthropocene? [Track C]

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