Fall 2017

CRS: Subversive Technologies and Critical Cartographies - UGLB 3723 A

Professor(s):   Zeynep Gokay Ustun 
Day(s):  R / R
Time(s):  9:00 am - 11:40 am / 09:00 am - 11:40 am
CRN:  6675
Credits:  4

Course Description
The strategic use of media technologies in contemporary social movements has been one of the most widely discussed and central forms of resistance that have marked the twenty-first century. From its origin in the Military-Academic complex during the Cold War to its present form, it is necessary to understand the architecture of the Internet that has played a great role in the formation of networked social movements of the day. This course aims to introduce students to tactics and strategies of digital dissidence that maintain the global Net as a space of resistance, as well as the regulations and appropriations of networks of power by governments and technology corporations whose alliance led to the rise of surveillance nations. We take a close look at the Arab revolts, European anti-austerity movements, Occupy Wall Street, the Gezi Resistance in Turkey, the Brazilian Vinegar revolt, the Cold Winter in Ukraine, the Umbrella movement in Hong Kong, #BlackLivesMatter, among others. Each section of the course will examine the repertoire of digital actions deployed during these events, with a particular focus on subversive technologies and their political and social context. This class is a collaborative research seminar also designed to be an Online Open Public Seminar (OOPS) class. Under supervision of the instructor, students are expected to conduct empirical research beyond the classroom. Selected research will be eligible to be published on the blog Public Seminar.

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