Spring 2017

New Narrative: A Queer Genealogy - LLSL 2415 A

Professor(s):   Thomas Donovan  
Day(s):  MW
Time(s):  10:00 am - 11:40 am 
CRN:  7961
Credits:  4

Course Description
Out of an era of civil rights struggles and struggles for self-determination among LGBTQ people in the 1970s, a new movement of writers emerged in the San Francisco Bay Area: New Narrative. Some characteristics of New Narrative writing include a commitment to telling stories about one's self in relation to a community and a broader socio-political landscape; the use of 'high theory' interchangeably with 'low' culture; the interrogation of narrative techniques as socially and politically inflected; as well as the politicization of sexual mores and practices. In this course we will begin by thinking about New Narrative's roots in previous queer-inflected and identified literary practices, movements, and cultural configurations including Beat writers such as William Burroughs and New York School poets such as Frank O'Hara. We will also consider Kathy Acker as an immediate predecessor of New Narrative, as well as fellow travelers such as the artist David Wojnarowicz, Eileen Myles, and Chris Kraus. Among the principal practitioners of New Narrative writing we will read include Bruce Boone, Robert Gluck, Dodie Bellamy, Kevin Killian, Steve Abbot, and Sam D'Allesandro. We will conclude by encountering a younger generation of writers 'after' New Narrative, such as Brandon Brown, CA Conrad, Renee Gladman, Rob Halpern, Bhanu Kapil, Trisha Low, and Ronaldo Wilson.

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